Ferrari F12 goes topless – for a few

F60 America super-roadster officially revealed, but is reserved for just 10 North Americans.

Ferrari has come clean with its US-only V12-powered F60 America roadster, created to celebrate the Prancing Horse brand’s 60th year of operations in North America.

Only 10 units have been built for the North American market and even if you had the fiduciary wherewithal to acquire one, it’s unlikely you’d succeed.

That’s because each of the 10 vehicles costs around €2.5 million ($A3.6m), a significant increase over the circa $700K Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on which it’s based, and as previously reported all 10 examples are already sold.

Biggest change from the F12 coupe is the lack of a roof, with the F60 featuring a “light fabric top” that can be used to ensure driver and passenger don’t get wet, but it can only be used at speeds of up to 120km/h (75mph).

Other visual and aero changes from the F12 Berlinetta include a newly sculpted front-end, re-profiled bonnet, new doors and front guards with air-vents, all of which provide the vehicle with a tough new visual.



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